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Maude Tapin is an artist from the greater Montreal region where she lives and practices her art. A daydreamer, she loves discovering new places and soaking up the atmospheres to translate them into her work in order to share with spectators. She invests body and soul in her creation by combining reflection and technical know-how, both refined during her academic journey.

She holds, among other things, a Master's degree in Fine Arts  as well as a Short Graduate Program in Art Therapy. Her studies and personal experiences have allowed her to better understand the involvement and influence of her being and affects in her artistic approach. This realization proved to be a turning point in his career and only fueled his visceral need to create in order to share this flow of emotions.

Maude Tapin is interested in the notion of imagination and travel, both physical and reflective. She articulates her approach around the idea of escape and identity by photographing significant places where nature and urban landscapes coexist.

After having immortalized these inspiring views, she transfers the image onto a support of her choice (mainly canvas or wood) and then reinterprets them with very detailed drawings. Proximity to the work during long working hours gives it an intimate dimension. Starting from a spontaneous emotion that transports her, Maude Tapin then uses creation as a place of exchange and contemplation.

The distinct nature of the places explored constitutes a central aspect of her work. It tends to honor and highlight their experiences through the creation of meticulously crafted works, imbued with tranquility and nostalgia. In an era dominated by the stress of performance, the artist tends to offer a moment of respite to those who look at her creations. The objective is to share certain perceptions and thus lead the viewer to travel, reflect and get lost in their own thoughts.

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