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Travel series


In a way, constituting an unfinished souvenir album, this series began during a trip to New York. The inspiration arises from the charm caused by the frenzy of the city and the duality observed between the conservation of natural environments as opposed to large urban centers.

The project presents places  visited that aroused a certain confusion. The interest comes from the different urbanized spaces and the impressions that emerge from them. For this series, the use of peaceful images helps to reconcile oneself with everything that is happening in the present. This is a project that aims to extend over time. It tends to move away for a moment from current concerns and convictions to take refuge in a haven of serenity and regain some hope in today's society.

The photographs taken on the spot are modified and reinterpreted by drawing on recycled boards. The choice of materials, the size and the use of black and white pencil aim to create a certain neutrality. This allows the viewer to focus on the image, its composition and details, rather than being distracted by a shape or color that stands out


"I am very interested in the question of identity, both physical and cultural. I question the relationship that the individual has with his own body as much as with the environment that surrounds him. The way we transform our environment reflects who we are. Through photography and drawing, I try to preserve samples of sensations experienced in order to make the viewer travel by bringing him to feel the complexity of certain places.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Maude Tapin

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